Course Guidelines

You will do well in this class if you follow these simple guidelines: be here, be on time, do the assignments, and turn them in on time. Writing is a hands-on process. You cannot just read a text and expect to write well. In class, we will learn the mechanics of clear, concise writing, relevant to science and technology. However, it is up to you to apply what you learn and, as a result, become a better writer.

Required Texts

An Engineer's Guide to Technical Writing (UCSB Bookstore)
Career Manual, Counseling & Career Services (free)

GauchoSpace online lab :
Link to library site: click here

Assignments and Grades

Detailed descriptions of your assignments will be distributed during class. Your final grade will be determined by the following assignments:

Conference Paper — 25%
Presentation Storyboard — 5%
Presentation — 15%
Online Labs/ Class Assign — 20%

Paper: Topic and Audience —10%

Paper: Introduction / Outline — 10%
Paper: Figures and Tables — 5%
Process/Mechanism Description — 10%

Basis for grades is 1000 points, e.g., 10% = 100pts, 25% = 250 points, etc.
Summary of due dates: Click here

Guidelines for Assignment Submission

  • Use 12 point type, Times font
  • Use the MS Word default margins (top and bottom - 1"; left and right = 1.25")
  • Do not alter the font size, line spacing, or margins to change the paper's length.
  • Always STAPLE your papers.
  • Papers should be no longer or shorter than the assigned length
  • Papers must be submitted on time - late papers will result in fewer points
  • Never hand in a paper without proofreading it carefully